Simple Sales Tip: Talk About Money They Make, Instead of Money They Pay

In many sales conversations between MSPs and business owners, the communication revolves around the service cost. MSPs tell the business owners how much they have to pay for the services, and the business owners assess the cost, not the value of the service.

In an earlier post, we discussed how to position the value of managed services. In this post, let’s look at how to transition the conversation from the cost to the value. The tip is simple — start by talking about how much customers can save or make if they deploy the managed services first instead of talking about the cost of the managed services.

Customers can save or make money by stopping doing certain things they used to do. For instance, automating the preparation of quotes and delivering digital documents instead of paper documents may save time and expenses. Therefore, discussing the cost of the services before discussing the cost forces customers to adopt the mindset, “We are making money, not spending money.”

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